Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Boss Will See You Now...

You Ever Have A Wank At Work...?!

Thats What You Get When You Use My Stapler...! 


You've Got The Job, Kid!

So...About That Promotion You Wanted...

So, Have You Ever Sucked Off / Fucked Your Boss / Colleague At Work...?


  1. i always wanted to suck off my old boss (married, father of 3) maybe i should look him up on fb !

  2. I sucked off a coworker in a storage room at work once. We exchanged bjs and were on our way.

    1. Cool. Never had the pleasure myself...

      Those who don't..., Blog.

  3. went back to the office late one night to get something and found my boss had a little secret. he was a crossdresser. was wearing a womans jumpsuit and had a huge hard on. he did not know what to do. he knew i was into men so he walked over to me and told me how he loves me wearing suspenders to the office and ran his hands up and down them then kissed me. i was so turned on. he looked so hot in that jumpsuit which i started to love. before i knew it i dropped to my knees and un zipped his jumpsuit and sucked his cock as he had hold of my suspenders thrusting his cock in my mouth. never tasted cum so nice and so much of it. now its a usual thursday night thing.


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